Solar panels are great for generating electricity. Since they are exposed to animal droppings, dust and other elements, solar panels should be cleaned regularly. Some places have lots of rain, but other locations have long periods of dusty weather. Rain and snow can help keep your panels clean, but they can be cleaned by hand very easily. 

Try to Clean From the Ground 

It can be very tempting to climb up to the roof to try to clean your solar panels. If you are on the roof, you will be able to clean better. Unfortunately, many people have injured themselves by falling from the roof of their home! Try to avoid this mistake. Roofs look safe to be on, but they can be very slippery. Use a garden hose, and use it to spray your panels. A long squeegee can then be utilized to wipe off the water from your panels and keep them streak-free. 

Refrain From Hard Water or Harsh Cleaning Products 

Solar panels are durable, but their glass is very sensitive to hard water. If your garden hose only has hard water, a filter can be obtained at any department store. Soft water will help keep the glass streak-free and operating at maximum efficiency. Just as well, a little water and a squeegee should be sufficient to keep any solar panel clean. If your panels are very dirty, keep the chemicals to a minimum. Cleaning products tend to be harsh, and harsh products can leave streaks which will damage the solar panel’s glass. 

Clean in the Morning or Evening 

The sun’s heat will make a solar panel scorching hot. Try to clean your system in the morning or evening hours. If you try to clean in the middle of the day, the sun’s rays will guarantee that water will be evaporated and streak. If you clean your panels in the morning, dew that formed overnight will soften any grime on the glass. This will make it very easy to clean. 

Clean on a Regular Basis 

Google did a study on their solar panel farm in California. They found that after cleaning their panels, they were able to produce 50 percent more electricty. In this instance, Google did not clean their panels for 15 months. If you notice that you are not generating the same amount of electricity, it could be a sign that your panels could use a cleaning. If you live near a freeway or close to an airport, your solar panels can develop oil streaks from pollution. Solar panels can work fine if cleaned only once or twice a year, but they should be cleaned more often in high-pollution areas. 

Solar panels are require very minimal maintenance; human intervention is normally not needed more then once a month. Additionally, professional cleaners can be hired if your solar panels are difficult to access. As long as you monitor the electricity you generate, you will be able to notice when it’s time to take out the squeegee for a cleaning.