If you want to utilize both wind turbine and solar panels, you are inevitably going to have to figure out how to configure the wiring in a way that doesn’t cause any damage. Solar panels are fairly simple, based on the fact that they can easily be shut off. Wind generators are far different. They do not have the ability to be shut off. Wind turbines need to have a constant load or they will end up spinning freely, which can cause damage to the generator.

Wind generators are going to be constantly generating power, which means you have to have somewhere to dump the excess energy that is produced. There are controllers that are made specifically for this purpose, so you should purchase one of these devices if you are trying to utilize a wind generator. This will allow you to channel the excess energy that is produced by the wind turbine system into a water heater or another appliance. Using one of these controllers takes a potential problem and creates even more efficiency, as the excess energy can always be used. 

Wind generators and solar panels can be hooked up together through the same wiring system. You simply need to do some research and purchase a controller that is capable of handling both systems. The set up is fairly straightforward and will vary slightly based on the individual energy systems that you are using. Lots of people that use these systems attempt to rig the wiring by themselves, which can be a very bad idea. When you are dealing with this magnitude of energy, a lot can go wrong and you can easily be injured or start a fire. Rather than dealing with these potential hazards, it is a wise decision to hire a professional to put the system together for you. Another great thing about going this route is the fact that you can have your system analyzed by the company and have them recommend a controller that can handle both solar panels and wind generators.

Some people are under the impression that they need to have separate wiring for each energy system they are using. This could not be further from the truth and is truly inefficient when you consider how easy it is to combine the wiring. All you need is a controller that is big enough to handle both at the same time. These controllers are fairly inexpensive as well, so there really is no reason to configure two separate wiring systems.

If you want to make the job much easier on yourself and avoid a potential disaster, call a professional out to your home to assess your solar panels and wind generators. They will have the insight to correctly analyze your system and should also have the parts necessary to complete the job. Many people are also living off the grid. If you are in this situation and don’t have access to a professional, make sure you do your research and take all precautions necessary for safety.