Solar energy is the cheapest, most accessible and abundant source of energy on Earth. Currently, there are more than one million solar energy units across the world, and the number continues to increase as solar technology expenses reduce. Most homes in the country use this type of energy to run various systems which include water heaters and air conditioners. 

Also, any system that you can operate with electricity or natural gas can use solar power. Some firms install solar panels in your home while others manage every stage of the process which ranges from manufacturing the solar panels to servicing them on a regular basis and replacing parts as required. When choosing the best solar panel for your home, it is essential to consider various factors such as performance, durability, warranties, and quality. 

Currently, there are three primary specifications that can help homeowners make informed decisions about the type of solar panel to purchase. They include temperature coefficient, panel efficiency, cost per watt and the material warranty. The cost per watt is the value you obtain after dividing the price of a solar panel by the number of watts. 

There are two main warranty categories which include craftsmanship and performance. A performance warranty guarantees the panels will operate above their efficiency for a given duration which is usually 25 years. The craftsmanship warranty protects you against manufacturing defects as well as other physical issues with the panel for ten years. Here are the best solar panels on the market. 

Astronergy 335W

If you are looking for a solar panel that will not break the bank, then this product will make the best source of energy for your home. Astronergy features the lowest cost per watt panels. The 335W panel retails at an affordable price that shakes out to approximately 52 cents per every watt. 

The Astronergy 335W include 17.3 percent efficiency, which is respectable at its price point. Also, their warranties are on par with the industry standards. It has a craftsmanship warranty of ten years, a performance warranty of 25 years, a temperature coefficient of 0.408 percent WP, 17.3 percent efficiency and degradation of 0.7% a year. 

LG 360W

LG 360W is the best premium solar panel. These panels are super space-efficient, producing more output into 60 cell panels than most of the 72-cell panels out there on the market. You can install them on limited spaces available on your roof. These panels have a long lifespan and feature a 0.4 percent a year degradation rate, which is 0.3 percent better than the Astronergy 335W panels. 

The LG solar panels are 7.5 percent more efficient compared to the Astronergy 335 W panels. They feature a ten-year craftsmanship warranty, and they are 87% efficient even after covering the 25 years. Its primary features include 25 years craftsmanship, 78 percent performance warranty after 25 years, 20.8% efficiency, 0.3% WP temperature coefficient and 0.4 percent per year degradation. 

Mission Solar 360W

Mission Solar 360W is the best American-made solar panel. The price is competitive with the most imported solar panels. They also provide high-efficiency models which are a run for their cash on the output. If you are planning to have some high-efficiency solar panels in your home at competitive prices, Mission Solar should be your first choice. 

Experts recommend both their 360W and 305W panels with the latter being among the most cost-efficient selection. The main features include ten-year craftsmanship warranty, 25-year performance warranty, 18.36% efficiency, 0.377% WP temperature coefficient and 0.7% per year degradation. 

The Best Solar Panels for Off-the-grid Applications

There are various types of solar panels that are designed for off-the-grid applications. They include: 

• SunPower 50W Flex: The best solar panels for mobile applications and RVS. 

• Solarland 160W: This is the best solar panel for remote applications and small-scale industrial applications such as lighting, telecommunication, oil and gas, water pumping, utility monitoring, and traffic. 

As you carry out your research, you should consider efficient solar panels from a trusted manufacturer. Also, you should obtain the cost per watt value so you can easily compare various products on the level playing ground.