Solar power is the most plentiful, clean and renewable energy resource on the planet, replenishing itself over and over again. While operating, it generates no additional pollution with heat-trapping gases, like CO2. The solar power revolution is heading to your own home generating green energy for your house and car. These days everything can be performed from home. People shop from home and work from home. At present, you can generate your own homemade electricity from your abode through rooftop solar panels. Right now is the opportune time to utilize solar energy to meet your power needs. 

Solar is a prudent investment especially if you live in the South or have a southerly facing roof. The benefits of employing solar power at home can save you money and the environment. For qualified expenditures, there is at least 30% in tax credits and federal incentives to take advantage of. The US solar generation offsets 72 million metric tons of CO2 per year. That’s the equivalent of taking 16.2 million cars off the roads and planting nearly 2 billion trees. Using solar panels on your home can save you anywhere from 30% to 100% on your electric bill. Sized to offset all or a significant portion of your energy bill, solar panels can liberate you from future increases and economic crises. Electric companies will credit your bill for the surplus energy unused every month. 

Another benefit of installing solar panels on your roof is the increase in property value. If you choose to move, you can turn a profit. A solar-powered house is more attractive to home buyers. With this energy efficient feature, potential buyers will see your house as a money saver instead of a burden of future heating and cooling expenses. 

Best of all, these panels are easy to install and require very little maintenance. Stationary grids contain no active parts and are whisper quiet. Panels on a rotational axis, following the sunlight during the day, produce minimal noise on your roof. 

Your Rooftop Can Be Your Power Station

Putting solar panels on your roof allows your home to directly harness the sun’s radiation and convert that energy into useable power. The roof is the best place to install your panels. Your canopy is already a prominent collector of solar rays, heating your attic to unbearable temperatures. That attic heat represents money in your pocket, waiting to be applied. Located on the roof, the sun collectors minimally alter the appearance of your home, remaining somewhat unseen. They can’t be tampered with by inquisitive and nosey neighbors. It’s a workhorse appliance, working diligently behind the scenes. 

Panels transport solar energy to an inverter converting the direct current (DC electricity) to alternating current (AC electricity). Alternating current powers all your appliances in your home. With the panels located on the roof, you obtain the best chance of gathering unobstructed sunlight for optimum power production. When their entire surface is completely exposed to direct sunlight, solar cells output functions at optimum capacity. That’s why it’s extremely significant to diminish shading near the panels in order to ensure the energy output is not lessened. 

Installing solar panels on your roof complements the architecture of your home while converting sunlight into electricity and power. As long as a qualified, licensed solar professional is used, and your canopy is in optimum condition, your roof will not encounter any damage. The typical roof is exclusively used to umbrella your home. But a solar paneled roof can serve double duty in saving you money and positioning you more in control of your utility power.