As industries continue to diversify, consumers receive the dubious honor of whittling down the vast assortment of products available. This notion rings especially true for the solar industry. With solar panels on the rise, this eco-friendly, cost-saving alternative is becoming increasingly popular. Fortunately, experts have taken the time to compile a list of the best solar panels on the market. Below are among a few. 

LG Solar – Neon Series

A leading light in their domain, LG Solar promises top-notch solar panels with durability to boot. Their Neon 2 series, in particular, is a favorite among consumers. Equipped with Cello technology, the Neon 2 series offers unprecedented efficiency rates, ranging from 18 to 19 percent. Their advanced programming allows for reduced resistance and enhanced value. 

Canadian Solar – Dymond Series

Touted as one of the largest solar panel manufacturers in the world, Canadian Solar’s Dymond series is second to none. Preferred for their affordable rates, Canadian Solar offers first-rate products at third-tier manufacturing prices. Their panels are manufactured in China, ensuring low-cost and efficient operations. Above all else, the Dymond series is highly rated due to its value and robust construction. 

Panasonic Solar Panels

Another familiar name in the solar industry, Panasonic promises world-class production and artistry. According to experts, Panasonic will remain an industry leader due to their willingness to adapt. Their HIT technology is indicative of their merit. Panasonic’s HIT cell technology guarantees performance efficiency and clean energy. Moreover, Panasonic puts a premium on practicing green initiatives. It’s for this reason why their services are contributing greatly to a sustainable future. 

SunPower – Equinox

Ranking among the most prestigious of solar panel manufacturers is Sunpower. SunPower has been known to offer some of the most reliable and powerful solar solutions worldwide. Their Equinox home solar system is by far their best-selling product. Crafted with advanced technology, Sunpower panels are hallmarked for their “superb value” and optimal performance. Together, these two qualities ensure longevity and reliability. 

Silfab Solar – SLA Series

Offering premium quality modules, Silfab Solar is highly regarded in the solar panel realm. Their SLA series, specifically, is revered as an energy efficient, long-term, and architecturally sound line of solar panels. Consumers claim the panels are “clean, attractive, and of unmistakeable quality.” 

SolarTech Universal – EPIQ Series

SolarTech Universal’s EPIQ series uses cell connection technology to deliver maximum power density. Regarded as a consistently efficient solar panel option, the EPIQ series seldom underperforms. Equipped with 325W of power, EPIQ combines quality craftsmanship with state-of-the-art solar cells to create a module of unmatched performance.