Many people now have become accustomed to the sight of the big, silver-blue panels on the roofs of homes all over. Solar panels can save a lot of money for electricity, and since they also add value to your house if you sell, they can make money too. They are considered to be a more energy-efficient, sustainable form of getting electricity. 

Solar panels can last over 30 years. They typically have long warranties, and the painful truth is that your roof may fail before your solar panels do! It is always recommended that you replace the roof before you get panels, but supposing you didn’t and you are now dealing with leaks and all sorts of problems with your roof? You may know it needs to be replaced, but simply have no idea how to go about it. What do you do when that happens? 

In order for the roof to be replaced, the solar panels will have to be removed. This is sometimes rather costly to do, and it is always labor-intensive. Solar panels can be damaged in the process, which will incur greater costs. They may have to be removed, repaired and then re-installed. Make sure that the person or business you have doing the work is experienced and has good reviews.

A solar panel system removal means that you will have to have a place to store the panels while your roof is being repaired. This may not be as hard as it sounds, since they are often made to be fairly easy to store. They don’t take up a ton of space.

While this whole process may sound difficult, if you get the right professionals, it is not nearly as difficult or expensive as your original installation would be. After all, the wiring, planning and permits are already done.

What exactly are the costs associated with a project like this? That depends on a lot of things. One is how many panels you have. Having to pay for storage also adds to the costs. The costs vary so much from project to project that there is no easy estimate. It can be anywhere from $500 to almost $5000. That is for the removal and re-installation alone. It does not include the replacement of your roof.

The main thing to think about is that you either want to contact the original installer or a reputable alternative. Make sure no one is going to bungle it. You want to keep your solar panels for a long time and keep your roof in good shape as well.