Solar panels that are used to generate power for living and business can come in a variety of sizes depending on what they are being used for and how much power is needed. 

The size of a solar panel can depend on a few factors: the company and what they are being used for. The most common thing solar panels are being used for is residential purposes, strictly for private homes. Other solar panels are much large because they are usually used for powering businesses, large buildings, or even for commercial purposes. 

When talking about residential solar panels, the typical standard size is 65 inches by 39 inches per solar panel. The reason they are built in this small size is so that they are able to be installed on smaller or roofs that have a more unique shape or layout. However, there are a few brands that have their standard size being 61 inches by 41 inches so that they are shorter but wider. 

Commercial solar panels are usually about 77 inches or 78 inches by 39 inches. Even though they are only several inches larger than most residential solar panels, these are designed to be used alongside several dozen to hundreds of each other to maximize the amount of power that they can collect. 

In terms of depth, many residential and commercial solar panels share the same amount, being between 1.4 inches and 1.8 inches thick. More recently, many manufacturers are designing their models to be only 1.8 inches in depth. 

Other solar panels that are commonly used in RVs, campers, and, more recently, conversion or camper vans, are lower wattage and usually smaller than both residential and commercial solar panels. The most common sizes of these solar panels are 39.84 inches by 26.57 inches and are 1.18 in depth, 57.87 inches by 26.57 inches and are 1.38 inches in depth, and 64.96 inches by 39.25 inches and 1.57 inches in depth. 

The size of the solar panel usually affects how much power it can produce. For example, a solar panel that is 69 inches by 32 inches can have up to 270 Watts, while another solar panel that is only a few inches smaller, 58 inches by 26.5 inches, can produce up to 160 Watts. One of the smallest sizes, 39.84 inches by 26.57 inches can only produce 100 Watts of power, the minimum amount of wattage that a standard solar panel generates.