Solar panels are a recent innovation that allows you to utilize the daily energy that is produced from the sun in order to power certain aspects of your life. Solar panels are a green form of energy that are most commonly applied to household rooftops. The reason that solar panels are placed onto the roofs of buildings is because this is likely a position that has the most potential sunlight during the course of a full day. 

There are many benefits to incorporating solar energy into your every day life, including some generous tax breaks that pay incentive for making the transition to solar energy. 

Where Are Solar Panels Installed?

As mentioned in the introduction, the most common location for solar panels to be installed is on the top of large houses or buildings, usually on the rooftops. This is an optimal location for sunlight to hit which allows the solar panels to operate at their best possible efficiency. 

Large towns and densely populated cities have started to look at powering their street lights and speed traps with solar panels that link to the device that they are powering. Many street lights and speed traps in Southern California are powered by solar energy through the efforts of a city-sponsored solar panel. 

Even with recent technological innovations regarding the production of energy through solar panels, the best place to place them happens to be on southward facing rooftops. 
The tilt angles of these solar panels can vary by up to fifteen degrees on either axis in order to retrieve optimal sunlight for that particular season. 


The future of solar panels will likely prove to be an exciting and revolving renewable energy source that more and more people begin to equip into their lives. Over the course of the next several decades, it is expected that many limited energy sources will begin to evolve towards solar energy. 

The placement of solar panels will likely evolve into new ideas and propositions that have yet to be considered. While rooftops seem to be the most common location for solar panels in 2019, there is no saying what kind of platforms or foundations may have solar panels in the year of 2050. 

Right now it is probably best to try and get ahead of the game, and to start taking advantage of solar energy by placing solar panels on your own household rooftop.