Many people may wonder about some of the aspects of solar energy and the concept of solar panels facing the sunlight in order to store a renewable energy source. One of the main questions that is raised at this point is how to position the solar panels for optimal efficiency and performance. There are a lot of factors that go into this particular specification, which is why it is important to consider before installing solar panels on your own property. 

In the Northern Hemisphere, true south has been discussed as the optimal direction for solar panels to face in order to reach optimal sunlight and the most efficiency over the course of the year. This has to do with the consistency of the sun’s angle over the course of a 365 day year. 

For countries in the Northern Hemisphere like the United States, Canada, or Mexico, there is little reason to consider any direction other than true south. 

If you do not have a rooftop that faced in the ‘true south’ direction, there are alternative installation measures that you may want to consider for your property. It is usually not optimal to install solar panels on a roof that faces a different direction. 

One alternative choice for installation is to mount the solar panels on a southward facing wall on your property. This could be considered as an alternative installation method if the rooftop is not available. One of the final options that you may want to consider is a ground based solar panel collection area. 

If there are no other locations on your property to install southward facing solar panels, the flat out ground could very well be your last option. IF you intend to resort to this method, there are some benefits. It will be much easier to maintain your solar panels from the ground level rather than having to climb up on a high rooftop in order to conduct basic panel maintenance. 

Solar panels are currently in their infant stages of development, and new ideologies and technologies will likely continue to improve in order to make solar panels more efficient and effective in the future. New types of solar panels are already being tested in order to find new ways to optimize power storage from solar energy.