A mini solar panel is quite easy to understand, especially if you have used the regular-sized ones. As the name suggests, this type of solar panel is simply the miniature version. Just like the standard panels, mini solar panels conduct solar power from the energy of the sun. 

You may be wondering why you would want to buy a mini solar panel when you can get the large ones. Your decision may have something to do with your preference. However, smaller versions can be beneficial when you are looking for a more portable solution. These panels are more practical and usable, particularly when full-size ones are unnecessary. 

When you have decided to purchase mini solar panels, the next thing that you may want to know about is where to buy them. 

Two Buying Options for Mini Solar Panels 

There are two main ways to get a mini solar panel. The first one is to talk to suppliers in your area. Make sure you get quotes from more than one manufacturer. The services and prices will often vary but do not base your decision only on the price. 

It is also helpful to learn about your savings, which is why you may want to get some estimates from the company. Since the products are merely mini panels, you should not expect too much, especially compared to the larger solar panels. 

The second option is to go online and check out certain websites. A simple search will give you numerous choices, so you can expect to find them from popular sites. Others also sell electric supplies, including solar panels in both full and miniature sizes. If you are looking to purchase the smaller ones, here are the top recommendations online: 

Amazon: You can find different types of mini solar panels on this website. If you have already shopped on Amazon before, the process is the same when you purchase a solar panel here. Be sure to check the description of the item first before you buy. Some of the mini solar panels are not brand new and others are counterfeit products as well. It typically helps to read reviews but you may not want to rely solely on them. 

eBay: This website promises that you will find great deals for small solar panels. Like with Amazon, read the description first and determine whether or not it is the solar panel system that you need. 

GoGreenSolar: This solar provider has been around since 2006. You can find products here, along with other services, such as installation and design. Small-sized solar panels are available and you can also contact them for troubleshooting if you are having a problem with the product you purchased. 

Mini solar panels are often used in RVs and boats, but you can also use them at home. Small panels often come in 12 to 24 volts with sizes ranging from five to 190 watts. They are exceptionally lightweight and you will not have any issues with installation.